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Getting the most out of Your Rendering and Plastering Machine


You have just bought a new or second hand Rendering and Plastering Machine and you’re ready to put it to work and start to earn you some money back. Before you start getting the machine spraying render or plaster it’s important to know a few tricks of the trade that we  have picked up over the 12 plus years we have been hiring rendering and plastering machines…

Daily Checks

1.Pump pure cement through the hoses prior to spraying and walk it out.

2.Pump a special hose primer through your hoses such a leyco slick and walk it out.

3.Pour water down the hose and walk it out (Water is not the best of lubricants and should be used as a last resort)

4.Keeping the machine clean

Not only will keeping your rendering or plastering machine clean improve your company’s image when you turn up to site, it will also keep it working well. Renders and plasters are designed to be strong when they dry and set. This is great when putting material on the wall but not as good when they set on or inside your machine. Dry material can cause hoses, mixing chambers and rotors and stators to block. Although these parts of the machine are known as wear parts, the can add unnecessary costs to your company. So you don’t want to be replacing them unless you really have to.


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